I lost my tickets, or I did not receive them...

  • Through your personal account it is possible to re-download orders via the menu item "My Tickets".
  • Go to https://[organisation].stager.nl/web/users/tickets and log in with your username and password or via the Facebook login. (Just replace [organisation] with the name of the organisation you purchased the tickets from.)
  • Then you’ll come to the "My Tickets" page where you can download all your orders.

Ticket download via Mijn Tickets

I hate my printer or I don’t have a printer...

It’s really annoying when you have problems printing out your tickets. Unfortunately, we can’t control the printer settings on your PC from our office ;) Hopefully you can print the tickets with another computer or printer. You could also contact the organiser of the event to ask if it is possible to scan the tickets from a mobile phone. Then you can take the tickets on your phone to the event.


Can my ticket also be scanned from my mobile phone?

Whether your tickets can be scanned from a mobile phone depends on the scanner that the organiser uses. We advise all Stager organisers to use the Stager scan app or to buy a scanner that also scans barcodes from mobile phones. 

Nowadays it's in most cases possible to scan tickets from a mobile phone. But if you want to be totally sure, please contact the event organiser. 


I have bought tickets for an event and unfortunately can’t make it...

It may happen that you buy a ticket for an event and something happens that prevents you from going. It’s a sickener.

Unfortunately we cannot cancel tickets for you or refund them. Stager is only an intermediary that makes the purchase of tickets possible. For questions about money refunds or the exchange of tickets we have to refer you to the organiser of the event.

I have a practical question about the event, who should I contact?

We regularly get questions about events, normally around matters such as starting times, the location and whether that location is wheelchair accessible, parking facilities, etc. etc. and then we find it very annoying that we have to send you from elsewhere. In this case, “elsewhere” is the organiser of the event, who can answer all your answers.

Usually, organisers mention their contact details on the ticket or on their website or social media. Unfortunately we can’t provide contact details of organisers.


My question isn't answered here or I have a tip!

Contact us!

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